Natural Facelift system

Natural rejuvenation approach

Natural rejuvenation approach

What are we working on?

Forehead lines
Baggy eyelids
Smooth forehead
Clean open eyes
Nasolabial folds
Sagging cheeks
Second chin
Sagging neckline
Face lifting
Clear face oval
Nice jaw line
Smooth skin
Strong neck
Forehead lines

We use only massages, exercises and manual techniques
to solve problems like crow's feet, marionette lines, droopy eyelids
nasolabial folds, nasojugal grooves, and many others.
NO surgery, NO invasive cosmetology, NO expensive creams.
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No scalpel

No injection

The Natural Facelift (NF) system is built on self-massaging practices, posture, and lymphatic drainage exercises. Our techniques do not change your real face, but they improve its appearance, revitalize your cells and tissues and mobilises your own resources to make you look younger. For this, any creams, fillers and cosmetic injections are the only obstacles on your way to a younger look.
Your daily time investment will be around 30 minutes with the FLN 'Look Younger' course. 10 minutes in the morning for the Neck Complex of exercises and 20 minutes for massages in the afternoon. Massages are done 5 times a week for beginners and 3-4 times a week for users of advanced courses.
You may want to buy a vacuum jar for cupping massage that we learn on the 14th day of the 'Look Younger' course,

Your potential for natural rejuvenation

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Principles of
Natural Facelift System

No invasive practices like operations or injections, no magic creams or ointments;
We treat our bodies as a present from God given to us to last throughout this life. We do things now so that it will be beneficial in the future. That is why we try to not abuse our bodies and do not inject foreign materials into your face and do not resort to plastic surgery unless there is a pathology that has to be cured.
We all get old. But this is not the reason to lose face
Naturally, we change with life passing. We get born then grow up and then withering. Is it the way nature created us? Yes, if one is ignorant and resists information that becomes more and easier available than to our predecessors.
The dream to live forever has been always around, yet have not been fulfilled.
We don’t give unrealistic promises, we know how to save the best of your face and keep it looking youthful and cheerful, and we are glad to share it with you!
Awareness is the key to problem-solving
First step in solving any problem is awareness of it and its roots. When we see wrinkles, creases and folds on the face we do not blame them for showing up, we look deeper to see why they appeared and work with the causes.
Putting the wrinkles, or filling them up with external materials is just a «smart» hiding of real causes. The putty will fall off in a short time discovering a deeper wrinkle that one has to putty it again and again ruining the original.
We use only natural methods for maintaining and restoration of your pretty face. No harm for now, no harm for future. We focus on keeping the original face in its best condition regardless of the age.
Just as our bodies need food on a daily basis to keep working, our bodies need constant training to keep it in good shape.
It’s the same with the face! 😉
You can maintain your face in good shape only with regular care.
However, regularity does not mean a busy schedule of events, it is rather the realization that without completing tasks with a certain periodization, your previous achievements will minimise to nothing in some time.
Time is money. 7 hours VS 8 hours
We respect your time and ours.
We transfer to you the knowledge in a very simple and compact way.
Furthermore, we calculate your time investment. 9 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon 5 times a week in the basic course are what you need to start the rejuvenation process. Got more time? Move on to power-ups, invest some more time to solve specific problems.
29 minutes a day x 5 days x 3 weeks= 435 minutes to solve droopy eyelids' problem without scalpel, and as bonus improve the rest of the face.
In total, little more than 7 hours to have result as after blepharoplasty.
Now you can count how much time you’d spend to blepharoplasty:
- 1st consultation 30 minutes plus 1 hour for traffic= 1,5 hours
- Operation 90 minutes plus 1 hour for traffic=2,5 hours
- Remove stitches 30 minutes plus 1 hour for traffic= 1,5 hours
After a month from operation you can enjoy the result with «slight scars»
- After operation self care at home 5 minutes exercises and cream x 30=2,5 hours
Blepharoplasty with minimum time spending for traffic - 8 hours of your lifetime.

You are what you eat
We make our bodies from the food we eat. Eat good food not crap. Whether you are vegan or have never heard of it does not matter. What matters is the quality of products and nutrition value. Construct your body of good components to make it look good.
Lack of nutrition is poor for good look.
Food obesity is even worse.
Everything good in moderation.
Watch your food and drink more of clean water.
Relax, don’t pump facial muscles up
Facial muscles are ruling the wrinkles. There are systems of natural rejuvenation that teach to pump up the facial muscles with the main argument that your torso, legs and buttocks look much better after workout in gym.
What good for buttocks is not as good for the face. Size of the muscles is tremendously different. Facial muscles almost never come out visible on the face but happens for sure is collecting residual spasm in them that makes them shorter and as the result forms wrinkles on the skin over it.

Results after the Look Younger course

Features of the app
Your rejuvenation plan is always with you
All materials for study and practice are wrapped up in one mobile application, you do not need to look for the website or be on time for live training with your coach. You do it in your comfortable place when you got time for it. Just open the app and follow to-do-list in the Plan For Today. All videos and descriptions are available any day of your study and practice parts of the course in the Plan For Today section.
Unique experience in Photodiary
Want to know how old you look right now? Check it out with our Age-bot. It is powered by artificial intelligence that determines a person's age by the photograph. It will help you to track your rejuvenating progress. Age-bot works seamlessly, You just need to check the result right below your uploaded photos in Photodiary. Age-bot is available even in the Demo mode.
24/7 support
Question-Answer section will support you through your study and practice journey. The author of the course will personally answer all your questions related to the system, rejuvenating exercises and techniques. The answer will come within 24 hours. For a more individual approach, it is recommended to take a yearly subscription plan that includes one-on-one online training.
Individual approach
You can ask the author of the NF system any question related to the system, exercises, and techniques in the Question-Answer section and get a reply within 24 hours. If you have something special to discuss and get personal directions from the coach, you can use Consultations with the author. The one-on-one consultations are subject to the charge, the price is variable depending on how busy is the schedule (starting from $50 per 30 minutes session). You can save on them by choosing the yearly plan, which includes 3 such consultations.
Unique visual tracking of your rejuvenation
We created easy to handle collage maker of your images Before and After -Photodiary. It is designed to track your rejuvenation progress. Photodiary is powered by artificial intelligence for perfect cropping of your pictures for the Before and After collage,
Earn on your rejuvenation
Want to make money from your rejuvenation success? We hold several Rejuvenation Challenges every year. Each Rejuvenation Challenge has a prize pool that you can win if you share your results. In the Photo Diary Rules, just click "YES" to share your results with others.
Activity tracking
Your activity in the app is tracked by the number of exercises you finished during the day. Some exercises can be done, when you got time, some during your beauty routine set. You are required to opt-in for every exercise that you finished during the day. Stars on the day tabs will show the level of the rejuvenation program completion. It is very helpful when you want to catch up or to feel OK to relax. The stars will show you perfectly if you had previous days intensive or missed something.

Natural Facelift courses
in the Natural Rejuvenation app

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Our face is reflection of our inner health and beautiful soul! FLN system works on beautifying you inside out. Explore our regimes to feel healthy and younger inside, to GLOW on the outside.
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Natural Rejuvenation

Mobile application
How It Works
FaceLift Naturally journey steps
Make a payment on this website or subscribe to the Look Younger course in the app Natural Rejuvenation app
Install software
Download the Natural Rejuveantion app
Start your Rejuvenation Journey
Start the basic Look Younger course
Day 1
Start learning the 1st day
Day 1, Photodiary
Take good quality photos BEFORE
Day 2 Notifications
Set reminders for your study and practice
Days 2-14
14 days of Study in the Look Younger course
Day 15
Take control photos AFTER in Photodiary. It is still early to see radical changes, but you will definitely notice some if you have taken good quality pictures on the 1st day according to instructions. Use this opportunity for practicing your photography skills. Good quality photos are crucial to winning in the Rejuvenation Challenge.
Days 15-28 
Practice what you have learned during the Study. 3 and 4 weeks are decisive for your result, main changes are happening in this period. Opt-in exercises that you did throughout the day, it helps to see what was missed on previous days.
Days 15-21 (Optional)
You can start an advanced course for your problematic area and boost the revitalization effect. Choose the advanced course of your choice:
+Advanced for the Neck,
+Advanced for the Forehead and Eyes,
+Advanced for the Mid-face and Eyes,
+Advanced for the Mouth and Jaw.
Days 29-30
Time to submit your collage BEFORE-AFTER for selection. Take photos AFTER as instructed in the post about Photodiary. Do not forget to tap on YES (share with others) to make your collage visible for admin and eligible for the Rejuvenation Challenge.
Days 31-37
Final of the Rejuvenation Challenge. Check out the IG page of the Natural Facelift System and find yourself in the grid. Vote for the results of others who you like. Share your result with your friends, and get them to vote for you.
Day 38
Announcement of the winner. Stay tuned to the IG page of Natural Facelift System to see the LIVE announcement of the winner.