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FaceLift naturally app
How does it work?
FaceLift Naturally system is a set of exercises that will rejuvenate your face, neck and body without surgery or cosmetology
About Our Methods
Rejuvenation is in your hands
We are going to use only natural rejuvenation methods. You will do everything with your hands. You may need (optional) some massage oil and vacuum cup that you can purchase in your local pharmacy, no other devices.
Already after 2 weeks you will be geared up for rejuvenation practices. We will assist you with a "Plan For Today" feature during the Practice courses.
Features of the basic course
Basic Look Younger course consists of 2 main parts:
Study course - the first 14 days, during which you will learn effective rejuvenating exercises.
Practice course - all the following days, weeks, months and years after the Study course. This period is for implementing the received knowledge.
Soft-tissue mobilisation
We are returning mobility for the soft-tissues on the face and neck with effective but simple massages and exercises.
Posture correction
We will be restoring your posture and neck position to its more youthful form by stretching and relaxing the muscles of your neck.
Lymph drainage
We will focus on lymph drainage to get out the stagnant lymph and promote better lymph circulation. As a result, you will get slimmer face with healthier skin due to better circulation of fluids. Skin will have rather healthy color, and the surface of it will be improving as long as you keep practicing.
Facial muscles relaxation
We will start basic relaxation massages for your facial muscles, you will have techniques to relax all muscles of your face. For many of us, especially those who are under 35 it may be just enough for the rejuvenation process.
About the Course
During this year, you'll learn what prototyping and design thinking is, how to build wireframes and how to present your project to the customer. All teachers are practicing designers. The training is based on real briefs.